Everyone is invited!

All are welcome and encouraged to join our parish-wide study of The Search! 

Regular small group meetings will be posted here as scheduled. Please contact Sister Veronica Rose if you are interested and able to host a live or virtual discussion group OR if you just want to join the search!

 God bless you!

Start searching!

"This got my attention." Adrianna

"I am hooked! I watched episode 1 and thought it was reaching out to young adults with questions. After watching episode 2, I am convinced this series is for people of all ages. I have already sent this to three people and am waiting for their response before sending to others." Rosemary

"I’m saying yes to Jesus right now!" Ted

"This was amazing. I had goosebumps. The visuals, the music, and most of all, the message was on point. God has truly put together an exceptional team to bring us this show. I can’t wait to watch more!" Sarah

"I watched with my children. My thirteen-year-old son did not want to, but I told him that he needed to. My seventeen-year-old daughter was fully open to it. It led to a beautiful, spirited discussion about what amazed them and got their attention. Then my son asked what time confession was tomorrow. My daughter stated that all teens need to watch this! Transformative!" Nicole

"Wow! Just mind-blowing." Andrew

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