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The Polyphony Choir at 10:30AM Mass Sunday

Posted on December 06, 2023 in: General News, Music

The Polyphony Choir at 10:30AM Mass Sunday

About the Polyphony Choir from Magdalen College in New Hampshire

Magdalen College students immerse themselves in the great tradition of Catholic sacred music by participating in the all-college choir for four years. The primary purpose of the choir is to enrich the liturgy through the singing of Gregorian chant, polyphony, and the best of the Church’s hymnody.  Through participation in the choir, students not only immerse themselves in the musical treasures of the Church and experience beauty in new and profound ways, they also become attuned to the rhythms of the liturgical calendar. The choir of Magdalen College also serves the greater Church by creating a model for liturgical renewal.  After experiencing the beauty and reverence of a liturgy enhanced through sacred music, many students take their experiences at the college to their parishes and contribute to beautiful worship for many years after graduation. 

The Polyphony Choir is the most selective of the college's four choirs and is auditioned annually from the college's best student musicians. It is an extension of the mission of Magdalen College, offering the best of ourselves to God in the liturgy, expressed through music. The Polyphony Choir travels frequently, singing at parishes, shrines, and major diocesan events. Over the years, the choir has recorded three albums, including the most recent, Deo Gratias. The Polyphony Choir also has traveled on four tours and has sung for major televised liturgies, appearing on EWTN and elsewhere.

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