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Vespers for Corpus Christi

Posted on June 11, 2020 in: General News, Prayer, Music

Vespers for Corpus Christi

Join us for a sung Vespers June 14 @ 6PM. Vespers is evening prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours. It's an opportunity for us to pray together as a community on this Solemnity. This will be offered online via live-streaming: Click Here for the live-stream


Verbum Supernum Prodiens (translation from chantblog):

High Word of God, who once didst come,
Leaving Thy Father and Thy home,
To succor by Thy birth our kind,
When, towards Thy advent, time declined,

Pour light upon us from above,
And fire our hearts with Thy strong love,
That, as we hear Thy Gospel read,
All fond desires may flee in dread;

That when Thou comest from the skies,
Great Judge, to open Thine assize,
To give each hidden sin its smart,
And crown as kings the pure in heart,

We be not set at Thy left hand,
Where sentence due would bid us stand,
But with the saints Thy face may see,
Forever wholly loving Thee.

Praise to the Father and the Son,
Through all the ages as they run;
And to the holy Paraclete
Be praise with Them and worship meet. Amen.


Presider, Bishop Michael Cote
Assisting, Father Peter Langevin
Director of Music and Organist, Michael Steven Lianos
Cantor, Carroll Mailhot
Cantor, Mary Beth Lee
Cantor, Patricia Johnson

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